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What our candidates feel about being involved in a recruitment process with us


“The approach on presenting the benefits of the job was accurate and meticulous. The recruiter played an important part in the decision I took, taking care to inform me about all the details.”




“The I Future team is very open to dialogue and the recruitment process is well structured. They know how to organize everything in order for us, candidates, to feel comfortable, without stress.”




“I would describe the I Future experience as an extremely enjoyable one. The recruitment process was fast and I had all the support from their side. I received all the necessary details clearly and promptly, and the proposed role matched my skills very well.”


“The recruiter and I Future team were by my side throughout the recruitment process and answered all my questions in a detailed manner. I would surely recommend them.”




“I had other collaborations with recruitment companies in the past, but the process with I Future went excellently. I received all the necessary information about the job, and the recruiter had such a positive attitude, was so open and presented the job so well, that it determined me to desire it even more.”

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