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Why It’s Important To Keep a Daily To-Do List Especially When Working From Home!

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? Do you find yourself missing deadlines? Or do you sometimes just forget to do something important, so that people have to chase you to get work done? At home, You work, you cook dinner, you do laundry, but you can’t ever seem to get ahead. Are you really getting everything you should out of the hours that you’re awake? One simple way to improve your productivity is to keep an agenda.

By creating a „to-do list” you make prioritized lists of all the tasks that you need to carry out. They list everything that you have to do, with the most important tasks at the top of the list, and the least important tasks at the bottom.

Here are some benefits on having a to-do list:

  •    A to-do list doesn’t forget
  •    A to-do list lets you coordinate similar tasks
  •    A to-do list tracks your progress
  •    A to-do list makes it easy to carry-over tasks

The night before or first thing in the morning, sit down and jot down 5 things that you want to get done that day. Now, these aren’t ordinary things like doing dishes or laundry.  The To-Do List is for those extra projects that you don’t want to forget to get done.  These can be carried over from your goals for the year that you set.

Simply take a look at your week, any extra things that need to be done, and make your list of the 5 things you want to accomplish for the day. Having this list will keep you focused on accomplishing only those 5 things for the day and not becoming overwhelmed with many things on your mind that you need to get done!

Down below you cand find 2 models of To-do lists that you can use or get some inspiration from.



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