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A company built around a unique business model that is able to fulfill a critical need in today's ever changing socio-economic environment

Our Company

I Future Romania is a subsidiary of Thakral Group, a multinational organization with its headquarters in Singapore and a strong global presence with operations in over thirty countries.

I Future was built by consulting with industry experts and key business leaders within the human resources field globally. Our unique business concept to develop skills in the young generation is being achieved through the Talent Development initiative currently deployed.


Having worked with leading multinational corporate globally, we acknowledge the importance of identifying the right people for the right profile.

We are the bridge between companies and employable youth in matching their needs and in turn providing long term solutions for our business partners.

We aim to match aspirations, skills and abilities in order to ensure the right fit for both by achieving “the perfect match” to improve productivity while reducing attrition.


The model was born out of the need to nurture the next generation of professionals in their careers and provide companies with right value added skills. We offer an edge to graduates and young professionals by providing training to enhance their employability skills and identifying the right match for their skills and career plans.

We work with new and experienced young professionals with the need to re-skill themselves. The model supports organizations to hire the right people and extends the platform for training the individuals on interpersonal skills and work ethics. 


We want to partner with corporate groups to identify their needs and train youth in those specific profiles in order to increase the resource pool for future needs and ensure balance in supply and demand.

We want to partner with corporate in exploring opportunity to recycle the rejects by up skilling to bring back and enhance resource pool thereby providing more employable opportunities to youth.

We want to partner with corporate in marketing and branding exercise in developing awareness of the brand as well profile to attract youth at various avenues to develop dedicated resource pool for future.

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Great partners. Great results.

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